First Day of School Plan

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Our First Day of Awesomeness!!


  • 7:45 Arrival
    • Greet students at the door and instruct them to decorate their name tag.
  • 8:00 Teach attention signal as well as unpacking book bags
    • Model the attention signal then instruct students how to unpack their book bags. When students hear the door bell ring, they know to put their hands up in the air and listen to what the teacher has to say. Students will then unpack their book bags and test out the signal when they are doing this to see if they have mastered.
  • 8:15 Morning Meeting
    • Miss Caldwell introduces herself
    • Students go around the room and tell their name and favorite animal
    • Teach students about Yoga Time and how to take care of the mats.
  • 8:45 Building Relationships Activity
  • 9:00 Calendar
    • Teach students how to do the calendar and teach songs about the days of the week
  • 9:15 Tour of the School
    • Interactive modeling: Lining up, walking down the hallway, restroom procedures
    • Visit the cafeteria
  • 10:00 Snack 
  • 10:15 Specials (music, art, PE)
    • Check folders for paperwork and repack folders with notes/forms
  • 10:55 Restroom break/ Read aloud
    • David Goes to School
    • Teach Turn and Talk
  • 11:30 Lunch
  • 12:10 Recess
  • 12:30 Restroom Break
  • 12:45 Classroom Jobs 
    • Explain and demonstrate jobs
  • 1:00 Teach remaining procedures
    • Classroom seating and dismissal procedures
  • 1:50 Set up dismissal
    • Pass out folders/agendas
    • Pack book bags
    • Brief cleanup
    • Label students book bags with tape how they are getting home
  • 2:20 Closing Circle
    • What was one thing you liked today?
    • Group students by car riders, bus riders, walkers
  • 2:30 Dismissal
    • Walk students to the bus/car line

Greeting Students

At the beginning of the day, I plan to greet students at the door with a smile, handshake, and a “Good Morning, welcome to 2nd grade.” When the students arrive into the classroom, I will have them sit in the seat with their name and complete some type of first day of school activity that will already be at their desk such as an about me page or dot-to-dot activity. Information will also be on the overhead as their “to-do” list.

Image result for greeting students at the door

Introducing myself to the class! (I will have information about myself on a PowerPoint with pictures while I am talking with students)

“Hello students! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Miss. Caldwell, your second grade teacher this year! This is my  1st year teaching and I am very excited to be your teacher this year! I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself so you can know more about me! I live in Maiden where I have lived my whole life. I just recently graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne University in May where I went to become a teacher. While I was there, I was in the Engaged Scholars and Teaching Scholars programs. The reason that I chose to become a teacher was because I wanted to help each one of you become successful so you are able to accomplish your goals in life. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, exercising, and going to church. I like chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and my favorite place to eat is Chick-fil-A.”

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Procedures for the First Day

The procedure that I will teach on the first day of school are:

  • Arriving in the classroom
  • Leaving the classroom
  • Morning Meeting
  • Lining up/Walking down the hallway
  • Going to the restroom
  • Going through the cafeteria line
  • Classroom seating
  • Classroom Attention Getter (Doorbell)
  • How to be a good friend!

Procedures to teach later if time allows: Putting supplies away, center rotations, what to do when finished

Building Relationship Activity

The Silly Name Game: Students will be instructed to sit on the floor in a circle. Each student will pick a describing word that rhymes or begins with the first letter of their first name. For example, Happy Hannah. Each child will say their name as well as the other peers before them (Jumping Jack, Chatty Cathy, Excellent Eva). This is a fun way for students to get to know each other as well as learn their names.

Assigning Classroom Jobs

Students will be assigned different classroom jobs throughout the year. Each week, jobs will rotate, but some weeks, students may keep the same job is they are showing great work in that area.

  • Line Leader: leads the class to lunch, specials, assemblies, etc. 
  • Caboose: stands last in line as the class travels around the school.
  • Red Bag Carrier: carries the first aid bag with information about each student.
  • Teacher’s Assistant: completes all secretarial jobs that need to be completed. 
  • Door Holder: holds the door for the class as they enter and exit a room.
  • (2) Librarians: takes library books back to the library as well as making sure the classroom library is organized.
  • (2) Table Washers: washes the lunch room tables after the students are finished.
  • (2) Sweepers: sweeps around the lunch room tables after the students are finished.
  • Light Inspector: turns on and off the lights as the class arrives and leaves the room.
  • Veterinarian: feeds and takes care of the classroom pets.
  • Equipment Manager: keeps track of playground equipment.
  • Class Custodian: erases the board, cleans erasers, waters plants, etc.
  • Breakfast/Snack Helper: passes out breakfast tubes and helps serve snack.
  • Greeter: greets students when they enter the room.

Related image

Our classroom space!


This is my classroom layout for my classroom. Below is a description of the 7 different learning zones and where they will be located in the classroom.

  1. Discovery Zone: Students will be able to do their independent work a various seating option around the classroom in the areas labeled flexible seating areas. Class books and magazines will be located in the classroom library and class games, puzzles & instruments will be located either in the cabinets or in the lockers located at the door.
  2. News Zone: The calendar will be located on Bulletin Board #3 as well as holidays and weather. Assignments will be posted on one of the front white boards with the learning targets displayed as well as may class prompts. 
  3. Supplies Zone: Pencils, paper, pens, rulers, scissors, sharpeners, staples, tape and glue will all be located in the cabinets located on the right side. These cabinets/drawers will be labeled so students will know where these supplies are located. 
  4. Community Zone: Students will have the opportunity to work both in small groups as well as whole groups. Whole group instruction will either take place on the rug/meeting area, so students will be able to sit at a flexible seat while I teach. During small groups, students will work with me at the circle table as well as work in small groups around the classroom.
  5. Quiet Zone: The area near the classroom library will be the quiet zone for students who are independent reading as well as those studying, testing, and making up work.
  6. Teacher Zone: This was not shown on my classroom diagram, but I do not really see myself with a teacher desk. I would just like to have a small desk somewhere near the lockers just to store my belongs and accomplishments.
  7. Subject Zone: Anchor charts and other examples/resources that students will need will be hanging around the classroom or at bulletin board #2. 

Students will be offered many different flexible seating options in the classroom. Some of the flexible seating options are below. 


Courtesy of Playdough to Pluto

Happy Girl_4Thanks for stopping by! ~Miss Caldwell



An Epilogue

I have learned a lot about myself through the creation of this portfolio. It has allowed me to see my life in a different way and be able to express it in a unique way that others may not. It has also allowed me to learn more about my friends in my class and to see how their past has shaped who they are today.

This blog has also changed my outlook on my future because it has allowed me better my writing and to express my highs and lows in my life. It has also allowed me to be more opened minded in the things I do daily and the things I work on for English class and school. It has expanded my imagination and creativity and to just be myself.

My favorite piece of writing was probably A Day in the Life… because it allowed me to not just see the things I do each day but also the people that I encounter on a daily basics and to be glad I have those people in my life. I like to read Shay Shull’s blog Mix and Match Mama and she will do a day in the life post once or twice a month and document her days. It is so cool to see what others around the world do each day and it makes you feel like you are experiencing it with them.

I hope continue to use this blog in the future to express my life in a different way that others may not. I think this blog will be good to look back on in a couple of years and see how my life is different. It will allow me to document my life to remember forever.


Drivers Licenses

Since I was a little girl, I have always dreamed about getting my licenses and being able to drive around town on my own. I always had a matchbox car or a school bus with me wherever I went. I loved to park the cars and drive them around on my car mat that my grandmother got me one day. I also loved to ride around the yard in my pink Barbie Jeep, which you can read about here. You can also read about my dream cars here.

I got my licenses on May 13th, 2014 at the DMV in Newton, NC. I had to wait three days after my birthday to get my licenses because I did not get my permit until May 13th. Before I could get my drivers licenses, I had to get my permit one year before my 16th birthday and drive with a legal guardian for the remaining of that year. While I had my permit, I had to keep a log of how much I drove and where to. My parents had to sign each time I got in the car to drive to verify that I was driving at that time.

I remember a couple of days prior to getting my licenses, my mom and dad took my brother and I to the street you have to drive on while taking the test. We practiced doing 3-point road turns and backing up straight. The following day, we went to the DMV and I obtained my drivers licenses on the first try. The examiner I had was very friendly. She talked to me about school and my life in general. She also told me stories about some of the driving test she gave and how some of the drivers were a little scary and went out the wrong way of the DMV and she had to inform them they had failed the test before leaving the parking lot. She was a very sweet old lady and she made my process easier and less stressful.


Dream Car

I have always dreamed of owning my own car one day! I was so excited when I got my first car as a teenager, but the one I have for my future is totally different.

I have always dreamed of having a mini van like this one day… 😛


So… I guess if the mini van dream doesn’t come true, I guess I will settle for the new Dodge Durango.


I like this car also because it is very stylish and looks like it would represent my personality also. I like the new Dodge Durango’s because they has a push start button and also the gear changer is also a button! Pretty cool!! I also like this car because it has a 3rd row seat which is again, great for hauling kids and extra room for other things and also because of the rims. They look like they would fit my personality best!

One day I hope to get one of these cars! But until then… I’ll just keep on dreaming!


One Medium Suitcase

If I was leaving to go somewhere forever and I could only take one medium suitcase, I would take..

  • Clothes
    • I would take clothes because I need something to wear at all times. I would pack some winter clothes and some summer clothes. I’m not sure where I would end up and what the temperature would be so I would pack a variety of clothing to take along with me.
  • Shoes
    • I would choose to take shoes in my suitcase because I would need something to protect my feet wherever I was going. I would pack tennis shoes, flip flops and sandals. I would also take winter boots and possibly snow shoes in case I encounter bad weather.
  • Swim Suits
    • I would pack my swimsuits because I might need those wherever I go. I would go to Florida in the winter time and then go to New York during the summer time. I would spend most of my time on a ocean shore soaking up the sun.
  •  Toothbrush/Toothpaste
    • I would take my toothbrush and my toothpaste in my suitcase because I would need to clean my teeth. I like to clean my teeth and make sure they are always clean and pretty!
  • Hair Supplies
    • I would pack my hair supplies to make sure I looked presentable wherever I went. I would pack my pink Wet Brush, hair straightener, hair curlier, hair dryer and headbands for the days I wouldn’t want to fix my hair.
  • Soap/Shampoo/Conditioner
    •  I would make sure that I had my soap and hair products with me so I could wash my hair. I would make sure I did not smell bad and make sure my hair is clean. I would pack my Pantene 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Food
    • I would pack some food and snacks in my suitcase in case I get hungry. I would pack my favorite snacks such as Ritz crackers, salt and vinegar chips, peanuts and other assortment of snacks that wouldn’t melt in the hot sun.
  • Blanket
    • I would take a blanket in my suitcase in case I get cold at night when it’s chilly. I would take my favorite blanket that has chevron on it. It is very fuzzy and big. It would keep me very warm at night if I needed it


Advice to the Young

To my younger friends…

I have always wondered what my future would look like. I always wished that I were old enough to drive and be an independent young adult. From driving my pink Barbie jeep around the yard pretending to drop students off the bus to driving my grandpaw around my uncle’s chicken farm in little whitey. I’m now 17 years old and I really miss my younger years.


1. Choose your friends wisely.

Make friends at school but choose them wisely. Cherish those friendships in and out of school. Most of the friends you are close to in elementary school and middle school will no longer be your friend in high school. They will either make good decisions or bad decisions. Most of the friendships I had from elementary and middle school no longer exist. We all have went our separate ways and made new paths. I also encourage you to find a very best friend in high school. I did not find my best friend until I was a sophomore in high school and she doesn’t even go to my school. Your best friend needs to be someone that will stick with you through think and thin. You truly find out in high school who your friends are. I read in a blog that said “your friends will be the first to break your heart.” That’s so true. Surround yourself with good people who bring out the best in you.


2. Stay out of the D.R.A.M.A

The word that tears most people down. One thing that I can tell you is to stay away from it and stay out of it. This was the best decision I made in middle school. This advice will save you in the long run, believe me. I mostly hang by my best friends at school and by myself. I do not get caught up in all the high school drama. BTW- most of the people you see everyday in high school won’t be there for you after graduation.. you may never see them again.

3. Don’t worry about what you look like 

Yes, I said it. Don’t worry about what you look like. Sure, it’s fun to dress up all cute and wear the new outfit you bought over the weekend!! I love to do that. But, don’t worry about what the cute boy in class thinks of you. God made you to be you. Don’t wish you looked like someone else. God made you the way you are to carry out His word.


4. Listen to the advice the older generation give to you

They have been in your shoes before and have experienced some of the same things you are experiencing right now in your life. Find an older person to look up to and admire. Go to that person when you need help or encouragement. You may not always agree with what your parents have to say, but they know best. Also, visit your grandparents often. You never know when their last day is. If they give you advice, listen to them also. They are the ones with the smarter brains. 😛



Extraordinary Pet

Meet my very unusual cat named Maggie.


We got Maggie about 6 years ago when she was a kitten from my dad’s work. They have lots of cats that wonder around in the shed’s at his work.

Maggie’s favorite things to do are..

1. Drink milk!!

2. Run away from the neighbors mean dog

3. Lay on top of cars

4. Try to run inside the house (which is where she isn’t allowed)

5. Run around on the play set

6. Sit in the window and watch us eat dinner

Things Maggie doesn’t like are…

1. To be cuddled

2. To have her belly rubbed

3. Other cats eating her food

4. Laying in her fuzzy bed

5. Rain… (what cat loves rain…)

One of her unusual behaviors is…

Putting her leg behind her head and cleaning herself….

As you can tell in most of the pictures, her tail looks like a raccoon’s tail. We have never figured out why her tail looks like a raccoon and doesn’t match the rest of her body.

Maggie isn’t the type of cat that likes to me loved on or held. She likes you to just rub her head and that is it. She also like you to throw a ball and she rub after it and play.

Walking on the window ledge

She decided that she was going to walk on the very outside ledge of my window when I pulled in the garage last night. She loves to look at you through the window and pat the window.

Maggie is the best cat! She just does her own little thing and doesn’t care what’s going on around her… except when being chased by the neighbor’s dog..